Hair Rebonding- What Is It, And Should You Go For It?

Hair Rebonding- What Is It, And Should You Go For It?

The hair rebonding treatment is an excellent option for those wishing to permanently transform their frizzy main to smooth and silky locks. Not only is it very fashionable, but rebonded hair is also easier to style and manage. But there are many things one must know before undergoing hair rebonding treatment. Read on to learn more.

Hair Rebonding Meaning

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that permanently straightens curly or wavy hair. During the process, the natural bonds in the hair structure are broken and then restructured to give the hair a straight appearance. The procedure typically involves using a hair rebonding cream that contains chemicals such as ammonium thioglycolate or sodium hydroxide to alter the hair's natural texture.

Hair Rebonding Process

The hair rebonding process can be time consuming and requires professional expertise, as it involves several steps, including:

  1. Applying a relaxant or softening cream to break the natural bonds in the hair.

  2. Straightening the hair using a flat iron to reshape it.

  3. Applying a neutralizer to lock the new straight structure in place.

  4. Rinsing and styling the hair.

Factors to consider before hair rebonding

Several factors should be considered before going in for a hair rebonding treatment. The most significant ones are:

Hair Type

Hair rebonding is most effective for individuals with curly or frizzy hair who desire straight hair. If you already have straight hair, this treatment may not be necessary.

Hair Condition

The hair rebonding treatment involves the use of strong chemicals, and it can cause damage to the hair if not done correctly or if the hair is already damaged. Suppose your hair is weak, overly processed, or has undergone other chemical treatments. In that case, it's essential to consult a professional stylist to assess the condition of your hair before proceeding with hair rebonding.


Hair rebonding offers a long-lasting straightening effect but requires proper maintenance to keep the results intact. You should avoid certain hair products and treatments that could damage the rebonded hair. You must also invest in good bond repair products like Kera Bond's hair care products to avoid damaging your hair and strengthen and nourish it instead.


The price of hair rebonding can vary depending on the salon, hair length, and your location. It's essential to consider the financial aspect before opting for this treatment. While more reputable salons will be pricier, it'll pay off - getting a hair rebonding treatment by an experienced stylist will minimize the risk of hair damage and achieve the desired results.


As your hair grows, new hair at the roots will have a natural texture. If you want to commit to the look, you must be ready to touch up the rebonded hair as the roots grow out.


Seek guidance from an experienced hair stylist who specializes in hair rebonding before making a decision. They can assess your hair type and condition and advise whether hair rebonding suits you.

Final Words

Getting a hair rebonding treatment is a serious commitment. But with proper consideration and a great hair care regimen afterwards for maintenance, rebonding your hair might be one of the best decisions you'll make.




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